Become a More Persuasive Pro-Life Advocate

We spent years carefully testing arguments against abortion in thousands of conversations all over the country. We have learned which arguments are the most persuasive to today’s pro-choice advocates. We have learned how to communicate them in ways that they find compelling. Find out what we’ve learned in our comprehensive course.

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Pro-life people know why THEY think abortion is wrong, but many don’t know what would persuade a person from a completely different background with a different set of assumptions.

Just two months after starting Equal Rights Institute, Josh and Timothy Brahm gave their first seminar together on pro-life dialogue. In order for that to be possible, they had to very quickly take their growing body of original content and combine it with the most helpful tools they had learned from other pro-life leaders. From August 2014 to August 2016 only about four hundred individuals have had the opportunity to experience ERI’s full seminar in pro-life dialogue. Until now.


The Equipped for Life Course makes it possible for any individual or group to experience ERI’s pro-life dialogue training.

Learn what the ERI staff have learned about how to make the most of an opportunity to help someone change their mind about abortion.

Moving ERI’s training online has wonderful benefits other than making it possible to train thousands of pro-life advocates a year. Students will have the opportunity to revisit the training when their memories are failing them. They can watch or listen to the lessons over and over instead of having to attend a seven-hour seminar and only hear the content one time.

They can also continue to learn with and interact with the ERI staff directly through the exclusive podcast and forum.

Here’s what people who attended ERI’s live seminar had to say:

I love apologetics, and I have never heard such great methods and arguments as I did today. I especially appreciate your emphasis on being compassionate. I realized that I need to be more compassionate, listen, and treat people as human when I talk to them. ~Meleah

I think that this is the best, most productive, and most effective pro-life training I have been able to find. This seminar has changed me in that I have a marked increase in my confidence in these arguments. I really think I will be able to dialogue more effectively and more lovingly.” ~Sean

“You guys had amazing responses to difficult pro-choice arguments I was struggling with, and I love the focus on being personable. This seminar made me ten times more comfortable engaging my peers because I’m more prepared. ~John Paul

“I realized in some ways I am actually kind of hard-hearted or utilitarian, and this seminar gave me another realization of my own personal heart and things to work on in the context of defending the vulnerable.” ~Elissa

“I learned so much that I can utilize for my club and my personal life. You’ve proved me wrong and made me think differently about the way I’d normally approach the situation. I knew I needed to be more loving, but I’ve learned questions to ask, how to be a better listener, and how to go about the discussion in a personalized, rational, calm, and effective way. Thank you!” ~Brooke

Want a preview of the course?

Check out one of the lessons from our eight-part series on practical dialogue tips below:

Here are the first six of 29 lessons you'll see every time you log in to the site as a member.


Habits of Highly Ineffective Pro-Lifers

We begin the course by talking about six all too common bad habits you should avoid if you want to have productive conversations with pro-choice people.

Practical Dialogue Tips

We then explain eight specific, really practical suggestions that will help the people you’re talking with to have a less defensive posture, vastly improving the likelihood of them changing their minds.

Trot Out a Toddler

We teach how to redirect and clarify many pro-choice arguments with a classic pro-life argument. Learn our approach to the tool, multiple examples of how we make the analogy, some creative and unusual ways to use it, and our response to a common counter-argument to the analogy.

The Biological Case for the Unborn

After providing evidence that the unborn is alive, a member of the human species, and a distinct organism, we discuss when it’s the right time to appropriately appeal to scientific authority and give an explanation of how to do that well if a person is stubbornly insisting that the unborn is not biologically human.

The Philosophical Case for the Unborn

The most persuasive way to argue for the personhood of the unborn is to start by asking why anyone deserves equal rights. We describe the best explanation of this common ground, which includes the unborn. We then respond to pro-choice alternative explanations for equal rights.

The Question of Rape

Any advocate for the unborn must be ready for the most emotionally charged and difficult question in the abortion debate. We explain how to respond relationally and intellectually.

Bodily Rights Arguments

We introduce what bodily rights arguments are, why it is so important that pro-lifers understand them, and why they so often don’t. We then explain how to respond to both types of bodily rights arguments.

The Greater Good

Sometimes pro-choice people seem to be making one type of argument when in fact they are making a subtle utilitarian argument. This is difficult to spot, so we explain how to recognize it when it happens and equip you to respond to utilitarianism.

Talking to Abortion-Minded and Post-Abortive People

This is a panel discussion with ERI’s Josh Brahm and Jacob Nels joined by Students for Life’s Missy Stone on how to talk to people considering abortion and people with abortion in their past.


  • #1
    Equipped for Life Podcast

    Josh and Timothy Brahm will host two podcast episodes a month where they will discuss topics that aren’t covered in the main course videos.

    This will also be one of the ways you can interact with ERI staff. When members have questions, some of those questions will be answered on the podcast. For some, Josh and Tim will even record phone calls with you so that you can ask your question directly and answer follow-up questions, and then feature that call on the next podcast!

    This podcast will not be on iTunes. It will only be available to people taking the Equipped for Life Course.

  • #2
    Group Activities

    Each module has a downloadable, printer-friendly PDF with activities to help you and your group to get the hang of the material. Sometimes these are discussion questions to prompt good conversations for your group, other times they are a series of practice dialogues for you to run through to help you get ready to use an argument in an actual conversation.

  • #3
    Members-Only Forum

    Members of the Equipped for Life Course will have much more access to ERI staff than the general public does, and one of the ways that’ll be possible is through the members-only forum. Have a question? Post it on the forum and if they decide to not cover it on the podcast, they’ll likely respond on the forum.

    This will also be a place where the other members can get to know like-minded pro-life advocates. Are you part of a Students for Life club that just had an amazing outreach and want to share what you did with the other club leaders and pro-life advocates? This forum will be a great place for that.

  • #4
    Private Facebook Group

    In July of 2017 we added a private Facebook group that is exclusive for the members of the Equipped for Life Course. For many of our members, this is an easier way to ask questions of the ERI staff or each other.

Who is this course for?

This course will be helpful to lots of people, but here's who we had in mind when we designed the course:

You're part of a Students for Life club (or other campus club) that wants affordable pro-life apologetics training to prepare for outreaches on your campus.

You're an individual pro-life advocate who's ready to have better conversations with pro-choice people.

You're a homeschool parent who wants to prepare your teenagers before they are inundated with pro-choice arguments at college.

You want to start a sunday school class or small group to help your church to be more educated on abortion and you need a resource to help you. Or you're in a church small group that wants to go through a practical apologetics course together.

Bottom line: If you are a pro-life advocate and you want to see minds change about abortion, this course is for you.

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How Do I Get Started?

As soon as you purchase you get a unique username and password where you can access the entire course. You will have access to everything on the website for one year, when you’ll have the option to renew or cancel your membership. The first three podcasts are already up, and we’ll post an episode every other Tuesday.

If you purchase a group membership, we’ll send you instructions and a unique coupon code within 24 hours that you can distribute to the rest of your group so that they can sign up for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the course?

You can download the MP3 versions of every course video, if you want to listen to the course or review it later while driving or walking around campus. You can also download the podcasts. The only thing you can’t download are the videos; you have to stream them from the website.

I'm a Students for Life club leader. How does group membership work?

Assuming your group has 20 or fewer people in it, sign your club up for the middle option below and pay the $197 and you will get instant access to the site. The last step is for us to send you a special coupon code just for your club so that everybody else can signup for free. This part of the process isn’t automated though, so you’ll get that coupon code from us within 24 hours, usually the same day or the following morning. At that point you can email your club the info we’ll send you about how they can sign up without having to pay for it.

My group has more than 20 people? What should I do?

If your group has between 30 and 40, the $297 is a great deal, with each seat costing the same or being discounted from the group of 20 option (depending on how many people you have). But if you just have a few more people than 20 or 40, contact us at and we’ll work something out.

Why isn't the course free?

Writing and producing this course has been one of our primary focuses for the last year, because we know it will help us train exponentially more people than we were before. It was also a very expensive project. The cost for producing it and maintaining it for a year will be around $112,600. The fiscally responsible thing to do is to sell it, although we’ve decided to make it as affordable as possible, setting the price point far below what comparable online video courses go for.

We will keep putting out free content on our blog, but if you want our comprehensive course that goes through all of the content (and more!) that we’ve been teaching in seminars for the last two years as well as the exclusive podcast and forum, we’re asking for you to support our work of training pro-life advocates to think clearly, reason honestly, and argue persuasively by paying a low membership fee.

Will the price of the course ever go up?

Possibly. Two years from now there will be much more content on the course, making it much more valuable for new customers. But as soon as you purchase the course, we’ll lock that price in for as long as your membership lasts. In other words, if you don’t cancel your membership, you will never pay more than you did today to renew a year later. If you cancel your membership and come back later, you’ll need to pay whatever the current price is.

Are there any parts of the course I'll need to wait to have access to?

As soon as you purchase you’ll have instant access to all of the 29 video lessons in the nine modules, including the ability to download the MP3 versions.

As of September 21st, 2016, there are three podcast episodes already posted, and we’ll be releasing them every other Tuesday from now on.


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Don't Take Our Word For It, See What Others Have to Say!

The Equipped for Life course is THE course for any pro-life activist, novice or pro. Every pro-life activist in America needs to go through this course and then we need to teach it to the rest of our nation.

The Equipped for Life course is a brilliant new tool that will empower our pro-life movement to be more successful, one conversation at a time. Effective communication is crucial to our ability to reach hearts, change minds, and save more lives. The Equipped for Life course teaches you, step-by-step, how to have those life-saving conversations with others — all from the comfort of your home, dorm, or office. Sign up today, and let Josh, Timothy, and the Equal Rights Institute team help you increase the impact of your pro-life efforts!

Too many pro-life people are merely pro-life in their attitude, but not in their behavior. They say they are pro-life, but do nothing to stop the killing. If you want to make an actual difference, though, you need to learn the art of pro-life persuasion. ERI’s course is a perfect way to learn the tools that change minds, transform hearts, and save lives.

Yes, I'm Ready to Become a More Effective Advocate for the Unborn

Individual Membership
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  • Instant Access
  • 9 Modules (29 lessons)
  • Podcasts Added Every Other Tuesday
  • Forum for Members Only
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Your entire group of up to 20 gets access to everything in the individual membership including their own login to download the audio-version of the course, group activities for each lesson, and a profile for the members-only forum.

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Your entire group of up to 40 gets access to everything in the individual membership including their own login to download the audio-version of the course, group activities for each lesson, and a profile for the members-only forum.

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