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A $197 group membership giving you and up to 20 people in your group a year of access to 29 video/audio lessons, printable group activities, a members-only forum giving you access to the ERI staff and other members, and an ongoing exclusive podcast where more topics are covered and your questions are answered. Everything you need to become equipped to be a persuasive pro-life advocate.

You’ll sign your club up and pay the $197 (unless you have a coupon code) and you will get instant access to the site. The last step is for us to send you a special coupon code just for your club so that everybody else can signup for free. This part of the process isn’t automated though, so you’ll get that coupon code from us within 24 hours, usually the same day or the following morning. At that point you can email your club the info we’ll send you about how they can sign up without having to pay for it.

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